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liyama visionmaster 1451,excellent monitor

liyama visionmaster 1451,excellent monitorWell where to begin, I originally started out with a 17inch
TFT monitor as they are very space saving, but i found
after a time that the response time for most TFT monitors
is very poor for gaming,also I found myself getting very
regular eye strain,which in all fairness was the last thing
I expected to get with a TFT.

The problem was that my TFT had a refresh rate of only 75hz, (this is not good for your eyesif your playing games
and surfing the net for a protracted amount of time).

So I saved up and ordered myself the Iiyama Vision Master 1451 it cost me at the time £132 inc P+P.
Now when it arrived naturally I was taken back at the
size of it with its elongated rear ,after being so use to TFT

Anyway after much lumbering about with it to my room
I finally connected it up put it on 1024x768 and a refesh rate of 100hz. What can I say? Never have i before had such a smooth gaming experience with rich vibrant colours and great response times with no blurring when I needed to turn fast in online games
like quake 3 and unreal 2004.

After 4 months heavy useage I realised,my eyes no longer itched or felt sore or got as tired as they had
done with my original TFT monitor .

Let me just emphasise how bad my TFT made my eyes,now maybe I dont have the strongest eyes going
I dont know but my eyes got so badly strained with my
TFT that I had swelling on outer skin of my eyes,
terrible headaches and stinging runny eyes.

I now no longer have this using this crt monitor and yet
I still use my computer as intensely,I think this says
a lot.

Now the specs of the liyama visionmaster 1451

size 19" (18"45.7cm viewable)

Resolutions 1600 x 1200 / 76 Hz
1280 x 1024 / 90 Hz
1024 x 768 / 118 Hz
800 x 600 / 152 Hz
640 x 480 / 160 Hz

max resolution 1600x1200

plug and play VESA DCC1/2B

Tube 19" (48,3 cm) FST-tube, High-Contrast, Dynamic Focus, Dual Focus Gun, non – glare screen

Power usage max. 130 W in use, max. 5 W in suspend mode .

Weight 18kg

I personally can not recommend this monitor enough
wether you are a hardcore game or a net surfer, for
the cost this is money very well spent ,even more so
for me after all you have only one pair of eyes.