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ViewSonic E72f+SB

ViewSonic E72f+SBI Picked This Monitor as a Last Minute Bargain, I chose it for the brand name which has a good reputation, and I also Allready Owned one of their PDA's and was very pleased with it.

When Delivered it took me a while to get used to it's arkward appearance, it's got a completley rouned rear, very similar to the design of an Apple Imac ( Year 2000 CRT Version) but it saves quite alot of desk space and actually looks quite attractive once you get used to it.

Technically In Resolution/Refresh Rate Terms it is little but average, as I have a Generic Brand 17" Monitor that is capable of sustaining higher resolutions and refresh rates, However this monitor more than makes up for this with Incredible Brightness, Colour and Vibrancy. It Made my Games Sparkle that much extra and It Displays TV (Via A Budget Tuner card) As good as a Proper Television set.

It has an Ultrabrite Button that immediatley jumps between Text/Spreadsheet (Darker), Graphics/Game (Seems to Be the Best Generic Setting for best sharpness) and DVD/Movie/Video (Absolutley Maxed out Conrast/Brightnes). On that setting it looses alot of sharpness on the desktop environment, but is Good for what it says that mode is for.

One Thing I Hate About this monitor is that The Perfectflat screen cannot seem to be adjusted perfecly. It allways seems to be warped in some corners, or slightly bent in. Also When The Monitor is Turned On/Off The picture seems to jump up a little and I loose a bit of titlebar, But this may be a fault rather than a widespread design fault. With Many Minutes of Fiddling it's Fairly acceptable.

Overall It's A Superb Monitor Despite 1 or 2 Faults and I wouldn have anything else, i will be Buying another Monitor From Viewsonic ONLY because I am so Impressed with their products we have used at work and at Home

If you are looking for a 17"CRT Get This one, It's the Boss!!