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Best Refurbished Laptops On The Market

If you want to get a laptop for not a lot of money, why not try a refurbished laptop? They are a great price saver and allow you to have a good quality product for not a lot of money. What is a refurbished laptop? A refurbished laptop is one that has been restored to like new capability. They are typically a few months to a couple of years old.

There a some great sites to find refurbished laptops. One of them is USA Notebook. They have refurbished notebooks from many brands such as IBM, Dell, Compaq, Gateway, Sony, and Toshiba. Their prices start at under $250 and go to over $450.

The IBM Thinkpad 600E has a Pentium-2 366 MHZ, 256 MB, 6GB, 13.3" display and comes with Windows 98. It has a 6 month warranty. It has great features such a 16 bit audio chip that supports Sound Blaster applications.

It also features SVGA video and a microphone. The laptop is a great basic model for those who don't need a lot of frills, but want a good solid product. The Dell Latitude C610 has a Pentium-3 1200 MHZ, 256 MB, 20 GB, a 14.1" display and a CD drive. It has a 6 month warranty and comes with Windows 2000 Pro. It can be upgraded to 512 MB as well as 60 GB.

It also has wireless capability and Ethernet. The Dell Latitude C610 is a great product for those who are on the go. The Toshiba Satelitte A105-S101 has a Celeron M 1500 MHZ, 512 MB, 40 GB, CD/DVD drive, and Windows XP. It has a 6 month warranty. It has wireless capability as well.

It is a great computer for any user. Visit www.usanotebook.

com to see what other laptops they have to offer. True Data Products have a variety of refurbished laptops at great prices. The IBM t30 has a Pentium 41.8 GHZ, 512 MB, 40 MB hard drive, 24x CD, and 56k. It offers free DVD and Wifi capability.

The Dell C640 offers a Pentium IV 2.0 GHZ, 512 MB, 40 memory, DVD cd writer, 56 k, and wifi. Check out www.truedataproducts.com to find out a complete listing of their products and how to obtain one. Overstock has a great variety of choices for refurbished laptops.

The Compaq PIV 2.2 GHZ 30 GB Laptop from Hewlett Packard offers a 512 MB and wireless capability. It also has CD/DVD writer drive, 56k, and Windows XP. Lenovo Thinkpad T42 with Pentium 1.

7 GHZ has a 40 GB, and 512 MB. It has Wifi capability and Ethernet. It is a great product for those who want a good working laptop for a good price. Acer Aspire 80 GB has an Intel Celeron Processor with a CD/DVD drive and wifi capability. It also comes equipped with Windows Vista Home Basic. It is a great product for someone who depends on their laptop on a regular basis.

Check out www.overstock.com for a complete listing of their refurbished laptops. Now that you know the ins and outs of a refurbished laptop, you can find one that is perfect for you and your family.


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