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The revolutionary Helio Ocean

Almost all mobile users and providers, including its manufacturer, the Helio Phone Company, anxiously expect the revolutionary Helio Ocean on the mobile phone market. The technological enhancements of this mobile make it the ultimate social communication device. We offer you the possibility to order Ocean and other Helio accessories.

The revolutionary dual-slide keypad design fitted on a light and small mobile phone is what mainly attracts the interest of all mobile users and providers. The concept has existed even prior to the development of the Helio phones and it seems that this particular type of phone is why Helio Phone Company exists, as they declare. The specifications and facilities of the Helio phones come to support the well-publicized image. The designers also pride themselves on the user-friendly design of the software. Its interface provides all sorts of e-mail, text message, picture, audio or video message and Instant Message accessible from one spot.

Flexibility is a guarantee, by including access to all the most popular e-mail and instant messaging providers in the world. This is why many people view Helio Ocean as the ultimate social communication device. Another detail of the software that is worth mentioning for its originality is that Ocean compiles the phonebook list and the contact lists you have on any Messenger list and facilitates easy communication between friends by letting you choose the method most appropriate for the particular time and location. This facilitated communication is a modern trend very much appreciated. In the same domain, facilitated Internet search and local data browsing are available.

The software should open a search page each time you type a text or activate a button on the idle screen. This search page is a unique browser that facilitates access to favorite WAP sites or any other Internet web page. The browsing speed is the fastest 3G speed available. When speaking about multimedia, a long list of last minute performance enhancements comes along.

Wide 2.4 inch display with high resolution (260K-color high-resolution QVGA), external stereo speakers for audio and video format files, Bluetooth for access to music and video not stored locally and all sorts of media playing applications and file download facilities are available. You can also find a headset among the accessories available for the Helio phones. Also installed is Google Maps for mobile phones.

Additionally, this makes this multifunctional device a GPS. All the technology and applications fit in a 4.33 x 2.20 x 0.86 inches and 5.

61 oz device. The Lithium Ion battery provides up to 5.1 hours on talk time and 15 hours of continuous audio, that will not meet any problems with any other application simultaneously run.

Other enhancements of Helio Ocean are local memory of 200 MB and card microSD slot for up to 2GB memory extension. In addition, USB Mass Storage Mode is available. This multifunctional mobile phone has been promoting its availability this spring. Many mobile phone users and providers, including the Helio Phone Company itself, have long been waiting for Helio Ocean. Now, we offer the possibility to order this ultimate social communication device at a discount price, along with other types of Helio phones and Helio accessories.

Therefore, if you want to be among the first to own this revolutionary piece of technology, you will be able to do it with the assistance of online providers. You can find pictures and more details on software enhancements, applications installed and Helio accessories all over the Internet, as this phone has been enjoying ample advertising from almost all mobile phone providers. Take your time to convince yourself that Helio Ocean has all these qualities and you will surely wish to replace your current mobile phone.

If you are not yet certain about the features that turn Helio phones into some of the best communication devices, you should read more about Helio Ocean. It is the latest Helio product, generating a genuine revolution on the mobile market.

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The revolutionary Helio Ocean - Almost all mobile users and providers, including its manufacturer, the Helio Phone Company, anxiously expect the revolutionary Helio Ocean on the mobile phone market.