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Replacing Windows Regedit

There are numerous third-party alternatives to practically every tool available with Windows. Scandisk is superseded with various data recovery tools that are vastly superior to the quite limited Windows tool; Outlook Express isn't any better than any other email client on the market; Windows Task Manager has a number of free and commercial alternatives. Even Internet Explorer has a number of third-party replacements that offer better security and more features. Regedit is no exception to the trend.

.Reg Organizer is a vastly superior alternative to Windows Regedit. Unlike direct product replacements such as FireFox - Internet Explorer or Thunderbird - Outlook Express, Reg Organizer dips into waters not tested by any Microsoft tool. .Instead of just cloning Microsoft Regedit feature by feature, Reg Organizer provides numerous benefits to its users, unseen in any Microsoft registry tool.

Not only it can edit the Windows Registry; it can find errors and fix them automatically. By cleaning out the Registry, Reg Organizer vastly improves the performance of your PC. It reduces the clutter, removes junk and makes your Registry more compact, allowing Windows run faster and smoother. .All of these optimization features don't look like Reg Organizer is a direct replacement of Windows Regedit, but hold on! Unlike the numerous competing registry optimizers, Reg Organizer actually serves as a replacement to the primitive registry editor included with Windows.

Giving its users a way to conveniently edit Windows Registry, Reg Organizer provides all browsing and editing features available in Regedit, and more! Unlike the minimalistic Regedit tool, Reg Organizer offers a fully featured graphical user interface for performing basic and advanced manipulations with the computer System Registry. .Vastly superior searching makes searching the Registry much more convenient than with Windows Regedit.

Searching the Registry is where Reg Organizer shines. Not only it scans the Registry as regedit.exe does, but it allows many more things to be done when searching.

You can find all registry keys related to a certain application, or run Search and Replace to substitute certain registry values with other ones. Search and Replace Registry comes handy when moving applications from one disk or folder to another, letting you change paths quickly and easily. .Managing the Registry does not end with editing, searching and replacing. Set Reg Organizer to handle .REG files, and you'll be able to actually preview the .

REG files before or instead of importing them into the System Registry. Defragment and compress Windows Registry to optimize computer performance, change undocumented Windows settings without the risk of messing up the Registry, and do many other exciting things you would never do with regedit.exe! Download Reg Organizer from http://www.chemtable.com/organizer.


Written by Konstantin Polyakov, CEO of Chemtable Software. Chemtable Software is a technology company founded in 1999. The company has focused on the development of innovative Registry optimization and educational software.

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