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Bluetooth The Need For ShortRange Communication

YES! Bluetooth is very much viable for the future to come. One of the prime reasons why forums are pushing the proposal for Bluetooth is that today there is the lack & the need for short-range communication over wireless medium - and mind you an efficient & stable connection that lasts. Comparing solutions available today - there is the infra red technology which does not have good bandwidth capability and also suffers from the problem of range line of sight problems. The next available option is indoor wireless networking through radio frequency (2Ghz etc)sample solutions exist from vendors like Lucent(wavelan/orinoco)this option has a downfall of needing extensive setup (infrastructure for base stations) and is VERY expensive.

The range offered is also sometimes considered as 'extra' inconvenient, thus not allowing one to manage & control interference from nearby base stations. Bluetooth looks to overcome all of the above problems by providing for a cheap, efficient, fast, no-futz short-range wireless solution! The Jabra BT150 (retailing between $25 and $30 in high street phone shops) is a good buy. It's either the same size or smaller than the H500, cheaper, and also in black. It's only suitable for Bluetooth version 1.1 or higher. It's the only one I could find, but its another for you to consider.

Downside to the BT150 is 2 hours less talk time and 20 hours less stand by time than the H500. You could determine how much of your phone you use, and make a decision if the extra amount of money is worth the talk/stand by time. The good news is that it doesn't matter how you received the text message; as long as it is on your phone as an SMS message (text message), you can forward it to someone else. Yes, you can copy the text within a text message, provided you have a device that allows you to copy text (most phones these days allow you to do this). Once in the body of the text message, choose the Options, which should have an option to Copy.

When you are in the Note, choose Options and then choose Paste. Whenever you choose the Copy option, the text will go onto the Clipboard (just like with Windows) and this will allow you to Paste the text somewhere else. If you tell me what type of phone you have, I can give you specific instructions on how to do this. The cars that are now coming equipped with Bluetooth allow you to have a Bluetooth connection between your wireless phone and your car (through the phone and car's Bluetooth connection).

If you have a compatible phone (and are on a compatible wireless network - that is, compatible with the car), you can use the car's console to dial your phone, access your address book, make and receive calls, etc. You won't need a Bluetooth headset in order to use the car's features, but you do need a compatible phone. I'm not sure what type of car you bought, but here is an example from Audi: Your Audi vehicle may be equipped with a phone preparation utilizing a Bluetooth interface to enable hands-free functionality (compatible mobile phones sold separately). You will need a Bluetooth - enabled mobile phone in order to utilize this function. Not all Bluetooth - enabled mobile phone models are compatible with Audi's phone preparation. Contact your local Audi dealer for the latest listing of compatible phones.

Audi recommends the use of the Audi phone cradle (sold separately) with your mobile phone while operating this vehicle. Here is some information on other cars that have the same type of system: Plug a sleek new system-compatible phone into your car for instant integration with the Hands-Free Communication System or use the available Bluetooth interface to enjoy the benefits of hands-free calling while keeping your phone in your pocket, your purse, or wherever it's convenient. With the system engaged, you can keep both hands on the wheel while communicating, for easier, safer, more convenient driving. With your phone docked in the Multi-Handset Interface cradle: The system will access and display your phonebook. Your phone's battery charges automatically.

Calls are clearly delivered through your audio system. The audio system automatically mutes the radio or pause's the CD during calls. You can control calls via your multifunction steering wheel or with the optional voice control system.

To make hands free communication even easier, initialize your approved phone with the Bluetooth interface; the system will automatically recognize your phone every time you enter the vehicle.

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