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Email RecoveryGood Software Can Fix Your Lost Mail Trouble

Emails are an essential medium of communication in the fast track world of today. Be it for our personal or for business purposes, emails are indispensable. Loss of emails can bring about anything from a minor loss to devastation, depending on the need of the user. Hence, data recovery vis a vis emails is an absolute must, especially if emails are essential communication tools for ones business.

Data recovery softwares are a viable and dependable option when it comes to effective email recovery. Data recovery softwares function differently for different types of files, which are: * Outlook PST Files * Outlook Express DBX Files * Web Mail Outlook PST Files PST Files are very complex. So, once data is lost from these files, it is important to recover the data as well as repair them. To recover data the files themselves, these softwares are very helpful. Good software is equipped to repair and restore data from damaged or corrupted Microsoft Outlook file.

Microsoft Outlook stores email messages, contacts, notes and folders on the local drive as a .pst file. The Outlook recovery software scans the damaged .pst file and extracts and saves information in a new usable .pst file, enabling PST Recovery.

The key features of good PST files recovery software are: * Providing PST Recovery from folders, calendars, contacts, tasks, notes. * Repairing even the password protected files * Restoration of formatting from RTF and HTML messages * Recovering data from encrypted files * Providing support to repair .pst files. * Recovering deleted email attachments. Outlook Express DBX Files Good recovery software can scan, extract and save emails form .dbx files in which Microsoft Outlook Express stores messages and folders in the local drive.

It should also be allowed to retrieve accidentally deleted messages from the Deleted Items folder in Outlook Express. The .dbx files also need to be repaired so as to enable smooth functioning subsequently. The key features of good DBX files recovery software are: * Providing Mail Recovery from Outlook Express dbx files. * Providing deleted email recovery of dbx files from corrupt media, such as floppy disks, Zip disks, CD ROMs, etc. * Provides Mailbox repair of dbx files.

* Support to repair dbx files within a size limitation. * Recovering deleted email attachments. * Enabling the recovered messages to be opened directly in MS Outlook Express. * Enabling recovered messages to be saved in the *.eml file format on any (including network) disks visible by the host operating system.

* Enabling message source view. Web Mail In order to access a web based email program like Yahoo or Hotmail, one has to use the Internet Browser to log onto a remote computer which stores the emails. When mails from it are deleted, they cannot be recovered. Hence, data recovery software is required to retrieve that data. It is a very complicated procedure, and only messages that have been opened already can be retrieved using a good software. As the old and cliched adage goes, prevention I better than cure.

So, it is advised that a lot of care be taken. After all, loss of important mails can spell disaster for your business.

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