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Getting My HD Entertainment Cheap

. When I left from college and decided to move to the big apple, I  knew that cash was going to be tight.  I managed to lease an apartment  for much lower than I had expected but I still knew I needed money for  bills and other necessary items.  I have a satisfactory job but it doesn't pay  enough money to support me with much disposable income.  So I needed to  ascertain ways to cut corners anyway conceivable.

.    I started to visit flee markets to find any miscellaneous items for  decorating my pad.  I also searched through clearance bins and  collected as many coupons as I could for department stores.  I was quickly  discovery things that are my style and saving tons of money.

.    Another important part of my living place is amusement.  I am  not big on going out to party, but I am big on watching television.  I knew I had to  invest in a good TV if I invested in anything.  I was even  prepared to eat Raman Noodles every night for a month so I could save up  enough money for an HDTV.  I am not a typical early 20 year old who just  places everything I can't afford on a credit card.

  Instead, I will make  sacrifices so I can pay for what I need with cash. .    After I saved enough money, I called the satellite co.

to see how more  per month I would have to pay to have HD service.  The cable company  said that it would be virtually $15 more a month.  I budgeted it into my  financial situation and left the apartment to get my first HDTV. .

    When I arrived at the electronics store, all of the HDTVs overwhelmed  me.  I knew I didn't want a huge tv but I wanted one that  was big enough.  While I was browsing, I couldn't believe the HD pictures  on the televisions.  They were so crisp and I could hardly wait to get  it in my apartment so I could watch my most favorite shows in HD. .

    I settled on a 37 inch because it seemed to be big enough for my  bedroom.  It looks fantastic against my back wall.  I was even able to  organise my furnishings perfectly around it so when all my buddies come to visit  everyone can see what I have on.  I am even planning a party  for all of my buddies at work.  The important feature will be some great  pizza and a movie on my wonderful brand new HD television.


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