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Internet Auctions Are Just Not Only About EBay

eBay as we all know, is of course one of the most accepted internet auctions around but there are others auction services that can really save you money, effort and time as ebay does. But not many are aware of such services. This article will introduce other similar paths to internet auctions that can be comparatively better than ebay as far as your requirements are concerned. So if you are reluctant to jump on the eBay bandwagon or searching for a way to jump off, this article is for you.

uBid When searching for online auctions, you should first consider uBid. uBid is a very popular and effective internet auction site. They jumped into the market of internet auction in 1997 and have done business of more than 1 billion dollars in new, refurbished, overstock, and close-out items to almost 5 million customers around the world. What is attractive about uBid is that most of their auctions commence at just one dollar and includes warranties in the event of any problem. More than 200,000 auctions occur on any given day and customers enjoy the benefits of the auctions throughout the day, 24/7. Overstock.

com Another famous and accepted avenue for auction is Overstock.com. Overstock helps you to search their varied and numerous auctions with the help of a wonderful search feature which helps you locate exactly what you are looking for. It also helps you decide who you want to buy from and the amount you are willing to pay. How Overstock works is quite similar to eBay and for this reason, any customers who have previously used eBay will not have any problem in understanding Overstock. But for for buyers and sellers who have never used eBay, Overstock offers an easy to follow, simple and understandable user-help tutorial.

Auction Fire Auction Fire is a self proclaimed eBay substitute or alternative. It is a fully automated auction site which has thousands of categories and options for both sellers and buyer's with real time interaction and response. One of the most liked advantages of Auction Fire is that they do not charge their customers any listing fee for any of their products. They also possess image hosting as well as basic services that are absolutely free of charge. They also have technology to catch fraudulent activities by recording each and every activity that happens on their website. Another significant feature of this type of internet auction is that if the customer is a seller on another auction website, he can import his current feedback from that site to Auction Fire.

This involves a commission of 2.5% on all sales if they successfully complete the sales. If the product is not sold or if the seller does not receive a payment, no commission fee will be charged. Summary: eBay is of course one of the most accepted internet auctions around but there are others auction services that can save you money, effort and time just as eBay does. There are various other paths to internet auctions that are comparatively better than eBay in saving you money, time and effort. They include uBid, Overstock.

com, and Auction Fire.

Brooke Hayles
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