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Mood Beams Series 3 http://www.find-me-a-gift.co.uk/mood-beams-series-3.html The Mood Beams Series 3 are the latest cute creatures to come out of the infamous Mood Beams range! Weird, wonderful and in 4 amazing wiggly types, the Mood Beams Series 3 will add flashy fun to any home or workplace! The Mood Beams Series 3 come from a strange and sensational planet somewhere far, far away! The Mood Beams world is filled with flashing lights and music, so no wonder they're acting slightly crazy when taken out of their natural habitat! With four fabulous styles to choose from, the Mood Beams Series 3 feature unique 'Beat sensors' meaning they'll flash and change colour to suit their mood! Match your personality with a marvellous Mood Beam today! Do you have a question about this product? Email us now http://www.find-me-a-gift.

co.uk/mood-beams-series-3.html About The Mood Beams Series 3 The Mood Beams Series 3 are four individual Mood Beams from the latest series of Mood Beam creatures The Mood Beams Series 3 come in four different styles ? Please select your preference from the drop-down box above of Gloomy, Peppy, Dizzy or Chipper! The Mood Beams Series 3 are weird wiggly random shaped characters which flash and light up to musical beats! With an in-built 'Beat Sensor', they can swap from different light-up modes! The Mood Beams Series 3 modes available are as follows: Heartbeat ? Mood Beams will glow their own personal primary colour, but their heartbeat will beat occasionally in a different colour Rainbow ? Scrolls smoothly between all colours Strobe ? Strobe light flashing effect Colour Dance ? A set of pattern light changes Colour Hold ? Mood Beam glows in personal primary colour The Mood Beams Series 3 feature flashing lights which may trigger epilepsy. Please do not use the Mood Beams Series 3 if you suffer from altered vision, eye muscle twitching or mental confusion The Mood Beams Series 3 are activated by tapping them on the heads The Mood Beams Series 3 measure approximately 10 cm x 9 cm The Mood Beams Series 3 are suitable for anyone wanting to adopt a light up loveable creature! Due to the alien nature of Mood Beams Series 3 and the fact that they can't speak English (or any other language for that matter!), the only way to get them to respond is to bop them firmly on the heads! Don't get us wrong, we're not advocating violence in any way, but the Mood Beam Series 3 have tough thick skins so they're able to take it! Like a peculiar pet from the future or a chubby little anime character, the Mood Beams Series 3 are light up little weird wiggly creatures that phase through colours in different modes! Ideal for a child's bedtime, camping adventure or to simply have on your desk at work as a cool companion, the Mood Beam Series 3 will be loved by all! The miraculously entertaining Mood Beams Series 3 are light-hearted little wonders ? literally! By selecting 'Heartbeat' mode, the Mood Beams will glow their personal primary colours with the occasional separate colour beat of their heartbeat! By choosing the 'Rainbow' mode, the Mood Beams will phase smoothly in and out of all the colours! The 'Strobe' mode has an impressive and astounding Strobe flashing light effect, and the 'Colour Hold' mode holds each Mood Beam's primary colour in a static state (the Mood Beams like this mode as it reminds them of musical chairs) If you're thinking Mood Beams haven't much of a fulfilling life, then you obviously haven't checked out the 'Colour Dance' mode! A set of pattern light changes will occur when selecting this and it's rumoured that this is how the Mood Beams Series 3 practice their dance moves! Oww! Just remember ? when we say HIT IT, not only do we mean play that funky music, we mean HIT IT ? literally ? the Mood Beam's on their heads! So if you're after a strange and spectacular fascinating little light-up friend look no further than the out-of-this-world Mood Beams Series 3! Rave on! http://www.find-me-a-gift.co.

uk/mood-beams-series-3.html What's in the Mood Beams Series 3 Box? 1 x Mood Beams Series 3 For any additional information on the wonderfully cute Mood Beams Series 3 please email info@findmeagift.com or call 01926 640710 Regards Katy Young Exciting & Entertaining ? Find-Me-A-Gift.

Katy Young joined Findmeagift.com a few months ago and has been writing fabulous articles ever since.

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