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The XCP and XML An open source instant messaging system

DENVER -- An open source instant messaging system based on XML with client software available for all the major operating systems. In order to use Jabber, users must register with a Jabber server either from Jabber.org or some other provider. Access to the AOL, ICQ, MSN and Yahoo! instant messaging services is available with Jabber, providing you have IM accounts with those services and that the appropriate software "Transports" for those services are running on the Jabber server, Inc. today announced that another leading global investment bank serving institutional, corporate, government, and high net worth clients, has selected the Jabber Capable of being expanded or customized.

For example, with extensible programming languages, programmers can add new control structures, statements or data types. Communications Platform (Jabber XCP - Excellent Coverage Partner (spades gaming) XCP - Expendable Current Profiler XCP - Explicit Control Protocol XCP - eXtended Copy Protection (First 4 Internet; UK) XCP - Extensible Communications Platform (Jabber) XCP - Xavier College Preparatory (Phoenix, Arizona)) as its core instant messaging (IM) and chat technology and the basis for its presence-based transactional messaging architecture. With this deployment, Jabber, Inc. is working with a number of Wall Street's largest institutions to provide IM infrastructure as well as the framework for embedding Global Transactional Awareness into the firms' trading systems. Global Transactional Awareness, as described by Jabber, Inc.

, is the ability of decision makers in a trading environment, to have complete and Having the necessary information immediately available in order to deal with the situation at hand. With regard to call centers, it refers to agents having customer history and related product data available on screen before the call is taken. . Click the link for more information.

pushed to them at the moment information is at its maximum value. Information becomes actionable intelligence when raw Data that is structured and processed in a continuous flow, such as digital audio and video. See streaming audio and streaming video.

-- routed via presence variables such as role, availability, capability, and location -- gains context. Context gets inserted, ad hoc, as data passes from RSS feeds and chat rooms, through analytical tools, financial models, and existing data stores, back via dynamic presence filters and to people and applications through mobile and fixed devices. Urgent intelligence interrupts and prompts action while information with less priority finds an alternative channel. "Global Transactional Awareness lies at the core of what Wall Street firms mean by real-time enterprise," said Joe Hildebrand, chief technology officer of Jabber, Inc. "Their vision calls for binding presence into and embedding collaborative capabilities throughout data streams that originate almost anywhere . .

. their vision calls for open, extensible, broadly federated, and interoperable presence architectures that are flexible and massively scalable." "Building presence into applications and systems provides capabilities that reach far beyond instant messaging," said Robert Mahowald, program director at IDC. "For example, dynamic presence variables can be generated by both people and applications and used to intelligently route data to the optimal person or process, thereby converting it into actionable business intelligence at the right place, and the right time." Jabber, Inc.

points to the flexibility and scalability of its underlying messaging architecture as factors driving the company's ability to capture increasingly large shares of the growing opportunity Global Transactional Awareness represents. Jabber XCP, the company's flagship product, is a real-time presence and messaging platform allowing people, devices, and applications to instantly communicate and exchange streaming Extensible Markup Language (XML) data, based upon static and changing presence and availability information. By embedding streaming XML data into a wide variety of services, Jabber XCP extends the benefits of real-time, presence-based communications beyond IM. Jabber XCP is based upon the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP), an open protocol natively based in XML and approved by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) as an Internet standard for IM and presence. About Jabber, Inc.

Jabber, Inc. is a leading provider of real-time presence and messaging solutions. More than seven million users, representing hundreds of organizations worldwide, have licensed the Jabber XCP commercial server to underpin a wide variety of real-time, presence-powered applications, including enterprise instant messaging (EIM), transactional financial trading systems, and government intelligence systems. The JabberNow IM appliance is targeted to small and medium businesses, who require secure, interoperable, and compliant business-class IM.

Jabber Inc., a 2005 EContent 100 Award Finalist and a 2005 Red Herring 100 Award Finalist, counts Arcelor, AT&T, BellSouth, Boeing, CapWIN, EDS, FedEx, France Telecom, HP, Lehman Brothers, McKesson, Orange, Portugal Telecom, United States Joint Forces Command (USJFCOM - United States Joint Forces Command Wanadoo amongst its customers. Jabber, Inc.'s investors include France Telecom, Intel Capital, Intel's strategic investing arm, Jona, variant of Jonah.

, Inc., and Webb Interactive Services, Inc.

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