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Use of Telescopes to Study Celestial Phenomena

By studying electromagnetic emissions, astronomers hope to come to a better understanding of the Universe. There are many puzzles in the universe that can only be solved by comparing images of wavelengths telescopes are only designed to detect a particular portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. There for it is necessary for Astronomers therefore often use images from several different telescopes to study celestial phenomena. Diverse styles of telescopes typically don't take concurrent readings. Space is a dynamic system, so an image taken at one time is not automatically the precise correspondent of an image of the same occurrence taken at a later time.

And frequently, there is barely enough time for one kind of telescope to examine extremely short-lived phenomena like gamma-ray bursts. By the time additional telescopes point to the object, it has grown too dim to be perceived. Telescopes rely on the communication between energy and substance. The atomic matter that shapes the telescope has to someway construe the energy produced from astronomical matter. This energy is in the form of electromagnetic waves.

Even though the original telescope was created 400 years ago, we didn't have a whole picture of the electromagnetic spectrum until the early part of this century. As our information of physics gets better, scientists are able to develop ever more advanced telescopes. But as the technology advances and becomes more specific, dissimilarities among telescope designs become more marked. Nearly all the universe is invisible to us because we can only see light.

When the majority people think of telescopes they think of observable light, or visual, telescopes. There are several different types of telescopes to help astrologists study the universe; they range from X-Ray telescopes to infrared telescopes. Each type of telescope shows a different view of the same phenomena.

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